Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The termometer

boss: i have put up the digital termometer on the office notice board, in case you are wondering why it's cold in the office.
employee: ...

友情 . 季节

like seasons in a year, faded friendships will always come around.
just try to let go when friends drift away, and learn to cherish when they drift back to you ...

Monday, May 25, 2009

The meaning of these dates ...

these dates are created so ppl have a reason to have a new beginning should they need one ... from a friend.

Friday, April 10, 2009


it rained. it dripped. i climbed. into the ceiling. like a monkey. around the frames. arms and legs wrapping them. need a good grip. need a good step. and there it was ... water dripping from the roof, through the torn aluminium sheet, onto the plaster ceiling, boring a hole.

thought of fixing something inside the ceiling. but on second thought, not right. not solving the problem. so, i ended up on the roof. replaced the broken tile. and sat there a while. 12 feet off the porch's roof, and another 12 feet off the ground. my immediate problem - open ladder not having a good foot hold. even had one leg on the ladder before it moved. so scary.

after some meddling, i finally got it to lie on the edge of the roof, barely. quickly i came down and after clearing up everything, i figured ...

(i) i really need to get those leaning ladder
(ii) i think i left the broken tile on the roof ... urgh!


hydraulic clutch. new term learnt.

what happened? last night after movie, just one or two houses away, my clutch pedal decided to call it a day, and my leg went 'high' stepping on air pedal!

that bad? not bad at all, lucky really. didn't break at the mall, didn't break on the highway, didn't break even when going uphill to my neighbourhood, but broke a few houses away. so, i guess it's a sign that i need some exercise, pushing my car into the porch area, slightly uphill though :

at the end, found a new mechanic around the area. no longer do i need to send my car to town. also, insurance that has free tow is GOOD!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shinjuku Incident

i like to leave the cinema with the feeling that my time was well spent watching a good movie, this is just ... an average movie. yea, it has jacky chan doing drama scenes, but not all of them click. and daniel wu speaking in mandarin also doesn't click with me. and i just feel annoyed the way the scenes change. i feel that the flow is somehow jagged. censorship? perhaps but it went on throughout the whole movie. another thing is this movie is sort of like a documentary on the life of Chinese immigrants to Japan, after the movie, apart from the scenes depicting torture, nothing else actually made an impression. it's really a depressing movie, as a friend's friend said. 2.5 out of 5.